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MeroMotor is an online automobile marketplace in Nepal, specializing in the buying, selling, and leasing of both electric and petroleum vehicles. Founded with a commitment to providing an easy-to-use platform, MeroMotor caters to individuals and dealers with limited resources, reducing risks in the diverse market.

The platform simplifies the process of buying, selling, or renting vehicles, offering options for both brand-new and second-hand vehicles from verified individuals or dealers. Users can register, list vehicles, and conduct transactions seamlessly on the user-friendly website, available on desktop and smartphone.

MeroMotor facilitates connections between potential buyers and sellers, allowing users to browse extensive vehicle lists, gather information, and complete transactions without the need for physical travel. The platform’s flexibility extends to renting or leasing vehicles with easy bookings.

Developed by Ux-Qode, MeroMotor prioritizes consumer satisfaction and ease of use, ensuring inclusivity for everyone, regardless of their level of digital literacy. Overall, MeroMotor aims to provide a cost-effective solution to the automobile market in Nepal.


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